The Journal of Medical Education and Development- The final checklist
The Final Checklist

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The Final Checklist

The authors must ensure that before submitting the manuscript for publication, they have taken care of the following:
1. Title page should contain full title, running title, name of the author/co-authors, their highest academic degree and affiliation, along with mailing address, E-mail address, Phone and Fax number for future correspondence.
2. Abstract in structured format up to 250 words (except review articles and case-studies which need unstructured abstracts).
3. References as stated in the "Instruction to Authors" section.
4. Tables should be typed on separate pages.
5. Make sure for 'Headings of Tables', their numbers and 'Captions of Illustrations'. Don’t repeat the information in tables if it is covered in the text.
6. Photographs / illustrations along with their captions.
7. Declaration Letter signed by all the authors.
8. Disclosure regarding source of funding and conflict of interest if any,  besides approval of the study from respective Ethics Committee/Institution Review Board.
9. Cover Letter
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